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domingo, enero 11, 2009

The strangest dream.

Estaba en un bote de vela, a pleno mediodía. Sarah se estaba hundiendo y me pedía ayuda. Interiormente, me decía a mi mismo "Salta, ve a salvarla". Quería hacerlo, pero de alguna forma estaba paralizado. No era miedo: una vez en el agua, no había demasiada complicación en lo que habría que hacer. Esa es la parte simple; el problema era que no sabía si quería o no salvarla.

I knew it was all a dream, but I couldn't help it to feel everything as if it wasn't.

Sometimes, things we thought were dead, come back to haunt us. And then, you'll ask yourself: What do I do? Leave everything behind ignoring this door that has been opened again or enter it to see what's changed? Methinks, it's better to leave the past where it belongs: with your past self. Let it drown.
Sure you may lose some quite enjoyable moments, but for the sake of all that will and can be, uncertainty is better than rapport-loss in oneself choices. There are wounds you do not want to open up wide twice.


Anonymous your reader said...

Don´t open Pandora´s box. Sometimes it si pretty dangerous.

11:03 p. m.  

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