Mi vida... tal cual

lunes, noviembre 16, 2009

For when frustration is unbearable.

Just look into the mirror. Don't watch at yourself as if you were trying to accept your lot. If you haven't done that yet, well, tough luck.
Look into mirror and remember: white fields, snowy fields. Snow that feels as if you were in another world. Remember the pain, the frustration, the pressure. Worship your particular happy moments and reimagine them. Rejoice in knowing you have been there, where your mind wonders now. Taste the happiness it brings to know it all was worth it. That though you doubted, you got through.
Try to go back where you had the best moments of your life (at least the most memorable) and write on a piece of paper what you feel when you're there. Recall all the strangers you started talking to in pubs or bars and their responses, good or bad. How you improved your skills and overcame, slowly but surely, all the obstacles that stood in your way. All the things you never knew were possible, that you never believed you were capable of doing, till you proved yourself wrong by doing them.