Mi vida... tal cual

jueves, febrero 10, 2011


It's hard sometimes... to just try to do something and not being able to. It just catches up to you, the feeling you somehow knew was coming. You hadn't felt it when it all blew up, why now?
You had been sitting in your room, sipping a cup of tea, when it all came down. Something had exploded in the middle of the street. A car, a bomb, something had changed it all forever. With bleeding ears and dust all over your clothes, you go outside, through what was supposed to be the wall beside the entrance door, now just a bare uneven hole.

You see the crater, feel everything's OK and that you just have to wait: it doesn't look like nothing else will be happening soon. Emergency patrols will arrive and help you out. You perfectly know you just have to look away from it for a while till everything goes normal again, but inadvertenly start to feel the pain. Every second prior to that instant, from sitting on the sofa till now, just came rushed up to your system to make up for the lost time. You change from observer to sufferer, realising happiness has its price. And that's when, amidst all chaos, you smile: you're still alive.


Anonymous your reader said...

You are still alive...
Apreciate the moment, feel, breath, close your eyes, think about what has just happened. You'll never be the same.

8:15 p. m.  

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