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domingo, abril 21, 2013

High and dry


You look through the window into the blue sky. The blinding sun warms your face and reminds you of all you once forgot. You are finally able to go any place you like and start anew. For a moment, you stop caring what the future might hold. Regardless of your dreams becoming true, as long as you are at peace with yourself, everything will be fine, everything will be good enough.

Never forget the vibe, the focus you put on every single living hour. Look back, smile and wave your hand. Take a step forward and the rest will follow.

Be proud of your dedication: you are finally home.


Anonymous Yr said...

Wow, I was really expecting another post for a long time! Thank you very much!

This words are from a sage, so, thanks again ;)

1:02 p. m.  

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