Mi vida... tal cual

miércoles, junio 12, 2013

High and dry


Life can sometimes feel like a thriller movie: after a really long calm tide, a set of chaotic waves come one after the other perfectly aligned to wreck everything you stand for. You were so excited to ride the set of waves that you did not think about the ones that would come behind, were you to fail riding the first one. You take the risk and end up getting sucked in the water by currents you can do nothing about and suddenly lose your sense of direction: Where is the surface? When you finally get there you just have enough time to realize the second wave is already here in front of you: back to the bottom.

When everything collapses, when the light fades out, you might find yourself desperate for air, desperate for closure. Try not to make premature assumptions, try to ignore your instincts for a while. Sometimes reality beats fiction and completely unexpected outcomes take form.

In the shore, your neck hurts and you lay down. You turn to the right, the sun warming your body with its light, and see the girl that has not spoken for days, the one that is no longer there. She got lost in the forest, you could not communicate well enough the dangers involved. Your speech has not gotten any better than when you started out. But yet, you smile to the sea, smile to the forest and continue on your way: one step at a time.