Mi vida... tal cual

domingo, septiembre 29, 2013


(Kings of leon)

You are walking in the desert, the sun shining the back of your head. Since many kilometers back, you haven't found water; your flasks are completely empty and your tongue is drying up. Surprisingly, in those moments of desperation, there is hope to be found, peace in your mind. You know it will not take long till fate catches up with you, but somehow you remain alert, open to the possibility of an oasis. And at that moment of clarity, you faint and drop to the ground.
Water invades your mouth, waking your tongue, inner cheeks and lips up. You open your eyes and barely can make a clear picture: just a white canvas. Soft hands hold your head forward and help you drink up some more water. She speaks a language you cannot understand, but as soon as your sight clears enough to distinguish where her eyes lay, you whisper and beg: 'help'. She does not understand the words, but she can relate to your expression.

Finally you realize that sometimes just wishing for things is not enough, that you need to pronounce them out loud for them to become real. And so, you step forward, wherever it may take you. Let's just make sure it was not for lack of trying to find water between dunes.