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viernes, noviembre 22, 2013



Almost everything you can think of is possible, you just have to find out how to pull it off. This is not a hollywood movie where you need to suffer before reaching closure or success, this is life: unlimited possibilities -just as many as your mind can imagine-.
Seek the path of less resistance and stick with it. Rejection is just the food of the life you have chosen. In order to find out which doors have a brick wall behind them, you just need to open them first or at the very least: peek through the keyhole.

Whenever all else fails: take a knee, breathe and just keep going. The rest is irrelevant and dispensable: diversions keeping you away from your goal. Stand your ground and push through, let's make this happen. You have been here before, you will get there again.


Anonymous Yr. said...

Indeed, wise words...


10:51 a. m.  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

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8:58 a. m.  
Anonymous Yr. said...

Y lo vuelvo a releer después de tantos años, y de repente tiene otro significado, y justo era lo que necesitaba.

2:41 p. m.  

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