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martes, diciembre 02, 2014

Panic Switch

(Silversun pickups)

The moment you really stop caring is when all you have been waiting for arrives. Like some twisted karma-based dynamic, you no longer see the value in it. With a half-drawn grin in your face you contemplate the irony of it all. Not that you can't enjoy good things anymore, but you feel humanity has slowly left you. This is the most cynical, skeptic and non-chalant version of yourself.

Where the outcome does not really affect your mood, where the default result is nothingness. Standards you considered golden in the past become just that, hurdles on your way to mental clarity. Rejection does not even make your heart beat faster, you just nod and move on. Like a machine whose if-clause conditions are not met, you just skip the line without question.

Remove all clutter, retain the essence. Value the moments shared, don't cling on to planted desires for stability and structure. Life is anarchic by nature. By avoiding to try hard, a gravity field of attraction will grow around you.

And somehow you carry this faded smile as if you see more than the people surrounding you. If only they knew your only axiom is that the individual doesn't exist and your wants are not your own. That the all-too-common solipsism is just but a stab at feeling unique, a leaf of grass pretending to be a tree.


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thank you, forever

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