Mi vida... tal cual

martes, febrero 10, 2015


(The National)

Moments of brightness pass through your mind. A group of three pupils that made you question more than you had in the past few years. The challenge of interpreting things differently, of having to come up with an explanation for something very simple on the spot, yet intrinsically linked to 100s of other small items. Trying to cover it all, it hits you: human interaction is what really makes you happy. Motivating people, high-fiving them, smiling when that's the only thing they need to thrive. Hug them and wish them well on their journey.

Standing with 50kg on your shoulders, the mix between fear and excitement almost paralyzes you. One repetition is a given, even five, but... ten? Your form starts to deteriorate, what before felt doable now begins to pin you to the ground. Your hips bend ready to bear the weight, but it isn't until you resume the ascent that you really know what you are made of. Getting close to the limit brings you comfort and calmness. As if you had compartmentalized aggression, ready to fire at a moment's notice when the trigger is pulled. Controlled releases allow you to ride the wave otherwise.

Your ambition is not to be famous or rich, just to do something meaningful on a personal level: change a few lives for the better. Knowing that there has been value in existing, that you have improved somebody's day-to-day by being there.